Lottamuseo on museoammatillisesti hoidettu erikoismuseo

Kahvia ja pullaaCafeteria products

The Lotta Canteen’s cinnamon rolls are low-lactose products in which no eggs or milk are used. Completely lactose-free dry cakes are the Provisioning Lotta’s Milk Cake and the Chocolate-Orange Cake. The Mannerheim Cake is of low lactose content.

The popular Lotta Cake is lactose and gluten-free. Other gluten-free alternatives are the Canteen’s delicious quark and mint-chocolate Swiss rolls.

Old-fashioned baked products to go with coffee include rusks, charlottes, and Boston cake.

Savoury treats are Karelian pasties with egg-mixed butter, rolls or sandwiches with fish, cold cuts or cheese, croissants and vendace baked in dough.

The Canteen also serves seasonal products, such as Runeberg tarts, quark bake at Easter, pastries with berries and fruit in the summer, and gingerbread, Christmas tarts and glögg around Christmastime.