Lottamuseo on museoammatillisesti hoidettu erikoismuseo

Elämää Syvärannassa -erikoisnäyttelystä pääsee hissillä yläkerran päänäyttelyyn

Photographer Teemu Töyrylä.

Our museum has no obstacles

The Lotta Museum is easy to reach by car, bus or coach at a distance of approximately 35 km from the centre of Helsinki. There is parking space with reserved invalid parking next to the main entrance. The coach parking area is also close to the main entrance.

The museum offers easy access to the exhibitions and visitors in wheelchairs can reach the main exhibition on the upper level by using the lift. There are guided tours of the museum for small groups, while guide information for larger groups is provided in the activities area on the lower level, where visitors can site and follow the presentation on screen.

Visitors in wheelchairs also have access to Lottas in the Field exhibition in the garden. Please request the loan of the museum’s wheelchair for the duration of the visit.

There is a wheelchair ramp leading to the outside terrace area of the cafeteria.

The barrier-free WC on the first floor, next to the coat racks, also has space for changing babies’ nappies. 

Visitors may also use their own portable computers in the museum. We provide free WLAN. For more information, please contact the museum staff.