Lottamuseo on museoammatillisesti hoidettu erikoismuseo

Coming in 2017


Together with four other museums, the Lotta Museum will concentrate on the diverse substance of love in a project leading to the centenary of Finland’s independence and entitled Spaces of love. Independence is often celebrated by remembering the wars, but it is only one aspect of history. The Spaces of love project will present the history of love, enabling all generations to find something to identify with.

 Each museum will show love through their own specialities. How can we define love and how is it visible in museum collections? How can love be documented? What has love got to do with the forming of culture? Who has the right to love? In addition to the Lotta Museum, the project involves the Hotel and Restaurant Museum, the Theatre Museum and Vantaa City Museum.

 The Lotta Museum’s exhibition Spaces of love – Open your heart! will explore the relationship between love and duty. The theme of the exhibition will be war-time evacuations through the eyes of the communities providing help. During a war, displays of love and caring may take exceptional forms. This year, the Ministry of the Interior estimates that between 25,000 and 30,000 refugees will arrive in Finland, and a majority of them may stay in Finland permanently as immigrants. Time will tell whether we can handle it. Will there be enough love in Finland in 2017? To accompany the exhibition, the Lotta Museum will organise workshops for immigrants to promote integration in collaboration with local residents and organisations working with immigrants. The Hotel and Restaurant Museum’s exhibition will explore love in a restaurant environment, whether it be love for other people or for food. The exhibition will take you on a journey from one emotional state of love to another. You will experience hunger, longing and expectations, joy and passion, enjoyment, fulfilment and comfort, as well as overeating and disappointment.

 The Theatre Museum’s approach to love is through an overpowering emotional state, an emotion strong enough to empower, change and destroy the world. Throughout time, love has been the central, compelling and destiny-like theme in drama. Why are there still new variations of the story of Romeo and Juliet? What made the simple peasant woman Marja go off with the Russian Shemeikka? The Theatre Museum highlights certain famous love stories told on stage and tries to explore the themes that make those stories so touching and eternal. In workshops aimed at young people, we explore love in their lives, how they see it and what they expect of it. What does love justify?

 Vantaa City Museum’s exhibition Spaces of love – on the emotional highway explores fancying someone, falling in love, making love – and leaving someone. The exhibition is based on people’s personal stories and provides the city’s residents of all ages points of reference and realisation. The starting point is looking at Vantaa as a city that has provided opportunities for diverse emotional states of love: happiness, joy, sadness and despair.