Lottamuseo on museoammatillisesti hoidettu erikoismuseo

Visiting the museum

The Lotta Museum is located in a rich setting of cultural heritage along Rantatie Road in Tuusula. The historic villa garden of the museum has been restored with due consideration for its original gate with its cobweb design and the statue of Josefina made of Carrara marble – the most valuable details of the grounds.

The museum building features the permanent exhibition The Story of the Lotta 

Syväranta in the 1920s, Photo Suomi-Filmi company.

Syväranta in the 1920s, Photo Suomi-Filmi company.

and the temporary exhibition Life at Syväranta, and the Lotta Canteen with its unique ambience. The museum’s exhibition Lottas in the Field, where visitors are allowed to touch the exhibits, is on display in one of the oldest buildings in the garden.