Lottamuseo on museoammatillisesti hoidettu erikoismuseo


Kuva kieliversioihin


Welcome to the Lotta Museum

 The Lotta Museum is a professionally run specialist museum that records and documents the history of the Lotta Svärd organization and studies the volunteer work of women as part of the history of Finland. The Museum is maintained by the Lotta Svärd Foundation and it was opened to the public in 1996

The Museum’s main exhibition The Story of the Lotta – Always Demand the Most from Yourself is an experientially focused exhibit based on personal experiences of Lottas. Visitors are taken along on a Lotta posting across the country guided by the stories of Lottas who served in medical and headquarters duties. Produced with multimedia technique this story of the Lotta is combined with the photographs of an album that were taken on the same posting. Together, these two narratives – the original voice and the photographs – form the unique and moving story of the Lotta.