Welcome to the Lotta Museum

The Lotta Museum is located at the Syväranta estate along the Tuusulan Rantatie, an area rich in cultural historical significance. The old main building of the Syväranta estate burnt down in 1947. The Finnish Women’s Aid Foundation (today, the Lotta Svärd Foundation) had a new building built in 1995 to replace the old villa.

The Lotta Museum is famous for actively organising exhibitions, and for its high-quality service products and versatile event productions. The Lotta Museum and the museum café, Lotta Canteen are open to customers around the year. You can buy Lotta products in the museum shop when you visit the museum or in the online shop.

The Lotta Organization

The Lotta Organization was a women’s voluntary civil defence organisation that operated from 1921 to 1944. The civil defence work of the Lotta Organization consisted of relief and aid work. In wartime, the Lotta Organization provided relief among the people that were suffering because of the war. In addition, its members carried out catering, medical and air surveillance duties in the war zone. The Lotta Organization was disbanded in 1944, under the conditions of the Moscow Armistice. To carry on the work of the Lotta Organization, the Finnish Women’s Aid Foundation was established. Today, the foundation is known as the Lotta Svärd Foundation.